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We offer high quality products and services and are continually working on the improvement of these to get better every day.
We ensure our employees’ are highly qualified and service driven to gear high levels of customer satisfaction.

Simple and Easy

We are with you every step of the way, from the initial consultation, system design, application for permission to install and SSEG Net Meter installation.

Qualified Technicians

Our solar installation teams has the experience and expertise to make sure your system is installed 100% right and fully compliant. Each technician has in depth knowledge and training on specific inverter or system.

Save Money

Solar power saves you money from day 1. Futher more, for commercial installations, enjoy the accelerated tax benefit allowance for solar power.

25 year Warranty

We offer up to 25 yr warranty on inverters and solar panels. Our solar systems are monitored 24/7 for your peace of mind and minimal down time.

We Are a Certified Tesla Energy Installer

Tesla Powerwall 2 easily integrates with solar or operates independently to provide your home with continuous power day and night.  With double the energy density of the first generation battery. Over double the capacity means double the ability to keep your home humming with guilt-free electric solar power.


Learn About Our Energy Ecosystem

With a diverse product offering, we’re enabling an entire energy ecosystem.
Whether you’re only interested in solar power, or total energy efficiency, we’ve got you covered!

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