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The SolarEdge Inverter offering is a NEW and Innovative technology which offers customers installing Solar Systems unique differentiators when compared with other String Inverters sold in the market.

SolarEdge’ solution is broken down into three components which make up the solution, namely, Power optimisers; Inverter and web portal for module level monitoring. This solution allows for the harvesting of more solar energy / power, due to the module level optimising.

Overview of PV Systems

Solar panels convert sunlight to electricity

Solar inverters are required to convert DC (Direct Current) electricity generated by the panels into grid-compliant AC (Alternating Current) electricity needed by your house.


The SolarEdge System

Power optimizers connect to each module; circuit boards maximize energy from panels.

Invertersconvert DC to AC and connect to the world wide web.

Monitoring portal visualizes panel performance; viewable on a PC, tablet or smart phone.

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Advanced PV Safety

In general, PV systems are safe and pose no danger

Traditional Inverter Systems are fully energized as long as the sun is shinning. Turn the inverter ‘off’ and you increasethe voltage

SolarEdge Inverter Systems shut down the output of each optimizer to 1 Volt making the system safe for installation and maintenance

Advanced Monitoring

At your fingertips see system performanceand feel secure in your long-term investment.

Connect on the go and get updates on your system’s performance status using free iPhone and Android applications