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Solar Water Heating

Solar water heating is the conversion of sunlight into renewable energy for water heating, using a solar thermal collector. This system comprises of various technologies and acts as a solar geyser.

Smart Energy SA specialises in the “close-coupled” heating system, where a storage tank is horizontally mounted immediately above the solar collectors on the roof. No pumping is required as the hot water naturally rises into the tank through thermosiphon flow. In a “pump-circulated” system the storage tank is ground or floor mounted and is below the level of the collectors; a circulating pump moves water or heat transfer fluid between the tank and the collectors.

Solar Water Heater

Upgrading your home or business with a solar water heater to a more sustainable way of living will save you money, you can save up to 40% of your bill. Experts in South Africa say that a typical household of four will save a 1/3 off their electricity bill, and the savings will pay back the cost of the solar water heater in a few years.

Solar heating is the first step towards solar power. Convert your household hot water needs to solar, Smart Energy SA offers Solar Water heating at Affordable price.

Solar Water Heater Benefits:

    • Hot water throughout the year
    • Reduced energy bills
    • A lower carbon footprint

Solar Water Pumps

Reliable and cost effective the Solar Water Pump system is an electrical pump system in which the electricity is provided by one or several PhotoVoltaic (PV) panels (Solar Panels). A typical solar powered pumping system consists of a solar panel array that powers an electric motor, which in turn powers a bore or surface pump.

Frequently asked questions

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels contain a semiconductor material (typically silicon-based) which converts sunlight into direct-current (DC) electricity. An on-site inverter converts the DC power to AC power, which can then be connected to a building’s power supply or directly to the electricity grid.

This is determined by a number of factors, including geographic location, specific energy consumption tariff, slope and shading of roof structure or piece of ground where solar panels will be mounted.

The Operations and Maintenance service includes several activities to monitor solar system performance and detect errors early on, ensuring the overall efficiency of the system for its lifetime. These services generally include:

  • Monthly Reports showing PV performance, energy, demand and financial savings
  • On-site support and maintenance of solar systems, including fault fixing and routine cleaning
  • Comparison of PV performance with on-site irradiance
  • Access to an Online Portal to see live plant performance
  • Annual Report with financial and plant performance results
  • Continuous performance monitoring and alarm triggers indicating necessary remedial work
  • Access to highly experienced professionals for advice and queries on a range of topics related to Solar PV