Integrated Heat Pump and Tank


Water heating accounts for almost half of a households electricity consumption. Installing a heat pump can cut this by 70%. The Energy Partners integrated heat pump & storage tank has several advantages over conventional heat pumps, including better efficiency, more storage capacity and more reliable hot water.

A heat pump is an extremely efficient device that takes advantage of ambient heat in the air to heat the water. Heat pumps are not dependent on weather, roof space or other variables to operate and have been in common use commercially for more than 20 years.

We use a water tank that is specially designed to work with our heat pumps. The super-insulated, oversized thanks also enable you to make extra hot water during the day and store it for use at night. This improved design makes the system 25% more efficient than a normal heat pump.

These systems offer a great return on investment and also form the starting point for building a full home energy solution.

How the technology works

A heat pump, much like a refrigerator or air conditioner, uses a
relatively small amount of electricity to move heat from a cold space to
a warmer space. In this case it transfers the heat from the ambient air to
the water in the tank.

The heat pump unit is placed outdoors where it can be in contact
with freely circulating air. It is the energy present in the ambient air
that accounts for 70% of the energy used to heat the water. The heat
energy is absorbed by the refrigerant gas which in turn transfers the
heat to the water by means of a coil inside our purpose-built tanks.
Once the water in the tank has reached the desired temperature the
heat pump switches off.

The Smart Energy Solution

The Smart Energy Solution heat pump solution is superior to other systems on the market. Our heat pumps are installed together with a specially designed
stainless steel hot water tank. The refrigerant from the heat pump is circulated within a coil inside the vertical tank. There are a few major advantages to heating water in this way:

More Savings. The coil is situated at the bottom of the tank, so it is always in contact with the coolest water. This ensures that the heat pump is always operating in the most efficient temperature range and makes our system 25% more efficient than a heat pump connected to a traditional horizontal geyser.

Reliable Hot Water. The vertical tank promotes the stratification of the stored water into layers with the hot water on top. This means that the hottest water is always immediately available.

More Storage. Our tanks range up to 500L in size. Larger tanks are ideal if you have a solar system because you can generate more hot water during
the day and store it to use at night.

Better Quality. Our tanks are high quality stainless steel, which means they can be placed outside and still have a life expectancy of more than 10 years.

More savings. More reliable hot water?

Frequently Asked Questions

The heat pump unit can be wall mounted outside and is no bigger than an air conditioning unit. The storage tank can be stored either inside or outside your home and a number of mounting options are available.

There is an 18 month limited warranty on the heat pump and a 5 year unlimited warranty on the tank, which can be extended to 10 years.

The Energy Partners heat pump solution requires a high initial cash outlay than a regular geyser, but will quickly pay off the extra investment through energy savings. This, coupled with the extended life of the tank corresponds to a 10 year saving of more than R150k.

Cost and Savings

The integrated heat pump & storage tank is an excellent investment and will typically pay for itself in less than 3 years, although savings vary from site to site. The figures shown here are for a typical family of 4 on a CoCT tariff.
The system can be integrated with our solar energy system and is a great way to start the journey to energy independence.

Technical Data