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Lithium – ION Battery

Lithium based batteries have been deployed in a wide range of energy-storage applications, ranging from a few kilowatt-hours in residential systems with rooftop photovoltaic arrays, to multi-megawatt systems for the provision of grid ancillary services, load-shifting and backup. Lithium batteries energy density, long cycle life along with up to 80-100% Depth-of-Discharge (DOD) are an attractive option for energy storage applications. Lithium storage systems have become more mainstream due to decreasing costs per kWh and technology adoption by major vehicle manufacturers.

Lead Acid Batteries

Lead batteries are the most common utilized energy storage systems available. A variety of products exist all offering varying storage characteristics and wide application use for renewable energy systems. Lithium technology is slowing replacing traditional lead storage systems as demand for lithium products increases and pricing margins decrease between lead and lithium based storage technologies. Lead storage will however have it’s place in the market for many years to come.

Supercap Battery

Supercapacitor energy storage delivers deep cycle discharge, long duration discharge as well as fast charge / short discharge, along with all the inherent advantages supercapacitors have over conventional chemical batteries.
Supercapacitor storage systems can be deployed from watts to megawatts and has a cycle life of 1 million cycles. The supercapacitor battery can be charged in less than 30 seconds and has a Depth-of-Discharge (DOD) of 100% and round-trip ef ciency of 99.1%, the battery’s delivered and rated capacity are almost the same, allowing for a signif cant reduction in the number of batteries required when compared to systems utilizing chemical batteries. The supercapacitor battery represents the very best of cutting edge technology for energy storage into the future.